A Thing without an Application is noThing

Solair is an application platform
for the Internet of Things
that makes your Business smarter
by connecting it to your products
through compelling IoT applications.

How it works

An Application with your business knowledge is everyThing

Fast end-to-end IoT Application

Fast end-to-end IoT Applications

IoT made simple.

Thanks to Solair’s patent pending technology and the number of
“Ready for Solair” devices, you’ll be managing
your Things in no time.

Full Enterprise Business Functionality

Full Enterprise Business Functionality

We want you to have it all.

Solair IoT Application Platform features complete and powerful tools
to create your perfect IoT Application and optimize your business processes
with data from your connected devices.

Full Enterprise Business Functionality

Future Flexible

Future Flexible

When you like it. As you like it.

The Software as a Service model and Solair’s unique technology provide
the scalability, flexibility and intelligence to adapt your IoT solution
to your business needs and growth - instantly.


Predictive maintenance
for industrial paintings
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Predictive maintenance
for Food Machinery
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  • Solair joins the Eclipse Foundation and establishes a partnership with Kura

  • IoT applied to machines used in the food industry

  • Solair and Guglielmo are together to provide vertical IoT solutions for the smart city, retail and hospitality sectors

  • Solair and Alleantia are together on the market to provide plug & play IoT to the industrial and enterprise world


Build your IoT Application
and connect your Business to your products.